Christina Meredith Foundation


The Christina Meredith Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and charter school headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. CMF focuses on advocacy for foster care reform in its entirety and on ensuring that youth who have experienced abuse or are in the foster-care system receive basic necessities, education, quality healthcare, and advocacy that will foster resilience and allow them to flourish into independent adults. To accomplish this mission, the Christina Meredith Foundation partners with numerous local, state, and national municipalities, governmental departments, healthcare providers, educators, and private organizations. 

Too often we learn of youth who are living without any support, lacking the basic necessities that most of us take for granted. The Christina Meredith Foundation will insure that our young people and children have immediate and ongoing access to food, clothing, and personal care products. 

Research indicates that abuse and trauma are highly correlated with psychopathology, including substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, self-harming behaviors, and social isolation.  Through our strategic partnerships, the Christina Meredith Foundation will provide trauma therapy for youth, utilizing evidence based practices that have been proven to reduce the long term behavioral and emotional effects of abuse and trauma.  Besides traditional outpatient therapy, the Christina Meredith Foundation will offer psychiatric services and intensive case management.

The Christina Meredith Foundation will partner with several Jacksonville based healthcare systems to ensure that youth receive comprehensive physical examinations and follow up care.  In addition, dental treatment can be arranged. 

By far, the biggest fear facing our youth who have been abused or are in the foster care system, and the most fundamental need, is that of a safe home. The Christina Meredith Foundation will coordinate transitional housing and long-term placement, and provide permanent housing for youth enrolled in the CMF scholar program.

At the Christina Meredith Foundation, we do not solely focus on current problems, but instead look towards the future.  To maximize the potential of every young person, the Christina Meredith Foundation provides educational guidance and collaboration with the school district as a charter school, becoming an active advocate and guide through the educational system.  In addition, vocational assessment and training is coordinated with numerous public and private colleges, allowing our youth to identify and pursue career goals.  Besides formal education and job training, the Christina Meredith Foundation will provide life skills training on various topics including banking, computer skills, and social skills.  

The Christina Meredith Foundation will start in Florida, Texas, and California with the goal of becoming nationwide. Website coming soon!

The Christina Meredith Foundation: Achieving the American Dream