Fear is the Enemy


It is a torment.

It is a thief that robs you in the night. It is the enemy of every human being and God. God has said, “Do not be afraid! For I am with you, wherever you go”. Even with this promise, I sometimes find myself laid up in the paralyzing grip of fear – the dreaded agony of something horrible happening at any moment. After I break myself free from the noose of fear that chokes my neck, I set my eyes on things above. I set my mind on truths – joy, love, kindness, beauty and then I remember -  when life does hit the fan – I am ever prepared and capable of handling said crisis. I am built tough – unmovable, unshakable, and undeterred by heart ache. I know this because my past tells me so. I look back on past pain, suffering, and aches that tore me down into the Dark Night of Soul. Those moments shaped into me a character that cannot be undone. I am more equipped for the crashing waves of life because of what I have endured.  Fear is a liar. You must tell yourself the truth – that we have walked through the scorching fiery flames only to come out --- Alive. We are more than conquerors – we are built of substance. We are unstoppable when we change the narrative of fear in our minds to one of truth. Life is too short and sweet to waste on fear and the truth is we CAN overcome what comes. Next time the lies of fear try to rob you of your peace, joy, and toughness – may I encourage you to be courageous. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it is merely the ability to recognize you’re afraid but still press in and drive on, accomplishing whatever task is at hand. We have the victory – be brave and courageous in the face of fear. Fear is a terrible substitute for living in perfect peaceful freedom we were created for– this truth is worth fighting for – never forget that.