The Essence of Truth: Living with Integrity


Integrity is the quality of being honest.

A person who demonstrates integrity displays strong moral principles or moral uprightness. He or she acts whole in intention and in action, with no room for double-minded motives or deeds. Acting with integrity is the simplest and least stressful choice to make as an adult … because the truth really does set you free!

Integrity, I believe, is the most essential characteristic to defining a person’s true self.

What do you have in any relationship whether business or personal when the bond of trust has been broken? The relationship is then strained by doubt, fear of betrayal, and constantly questioned because of the lack of stability and safety. We all need emotional security in our relationships. That is just how we are wired- feeling emotionally safe with another person is a fundamental part of intimacy.

You and I need this key aspect to have healthy, happy, meaningful relationships in our lives.

Leading by Example

As adults, as parents, as leaders in our profession, we should be leading by example by being honest in all things.

It all starts with being honest with ourselves. For the longest time, I didn’t think I had a problem with telling people I’d show up for something… but then never actually show up. How horribly rude and immature of me! It took me years to value my own word, other people’s time, and their emotions when committing myself to things. It also took me years to value the beautiful simplicity of being honest and simply saying, NO. Talk about a stress relief!

The power of honesty literally relieves stress from the body and mind. I can tell you from experience, I have total peace of mind all the time because I am simply honest about my desires, needs, wants, dislikes, likes, and so forth. I work at this, daily, to remind myself my integrity is worth everything to me and that its okay to tell people how I’m really feeling.

Being honest with my feelings allowed me to value how I spend my time, and time is the most precious gift we have. It also allowed me the opportunity to accept and appreciate others honesty. How much respect do we have for a person who is simply honest with how they are feeling or what their expectations are?

Honest Questions

So, dear heart: let me ask you some questions:

  • How honest are you with yourself?

  • Do you have room to grow to be the amazing, trustworthy, reliable person you were created to be? We all fall short – there is no shame here – only a mirror to see your true potential.

  • Do people in your realm of influence consider you trustworthy?

  • Are you reliable?

  • When you give your word or make a commitment do you keep them?

If your words mean nothing to you – then eventually you will expose the true condition of your heart to others.

Selfishness is the root of deceitfulness and lying. Do not fool yourself, friend! If you cannot be honest with every person in your sphere of influence and you are constantly having to tell lies than you my precious friend are in desperate need of a soul cleansing.

Self Forgiveness

If you’re reading this and your conscience condemns you, be encouraged! You aren’t condemned or banished from being the upright, consistent, dependable woman or man you desire to be.

Forgive yourself.

And then with great purpose move in a different direction! Move forward towards the truth, towards the light of what will truly bring you happiness. Freedom from the exhaustion of always telling half-truths. Freedom from the heavy burden of broken relationships. Part of your healing is to forgive yourself. The other part is to start mending your relationships by simply being honest with others. You are loved and those around you only want you to be happy, so set yourself free, today.

Your integrity is the currency of life in the workplace and at home.

Might you just ponder the profound effect your false words towards others is having? Dishonesty is costing you something. You are a man or woman who deserves to speak your truth and have truth spoken to you. The truth will set you free. I know it set me free! I’m so thankful I value my words and the honesty of others. It truly is a gift.

Integrity is the key to unlock all the best doors this life has to offer. Be encouraged!

You’re worth honesty—for yourself and others.


“Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like.

More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”

-Dennis Prager

Christina Meredith